The MegaAttitude dataset

Authors: Aaron Steven White and Kyle Rawlins


Version: 1.0

Release date: May 11, 2018


This dataset consists of ordinal veridicality judgments as well as ordinal acceptability judgments for 517 clause-embedding verbs of English. The data were collected on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk using Turktools.

For a detailed description of the dataset, the item construction and collection methods, and discussion of how to use a dataset on this scale to address questions in linguistic theory, please see the following paper:

White, A. S. & K. Rawlins. 2018. The role of veridicality and factivity in clause selection. To appear in the Proceedings of the 48th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society.

If you make use of this dataset in a presentation or publication, we ask that you please cite this paper.

Version history

1.0: first public release, May 11, 2018.


Column Description Values
participant anonymous integer identifier for participant that provided the response 0…290
list integer identifier for list participant was responding to 0…15
presentationorder relative position of item in list 1…68
verb clause-embedding verb found in the item see paper
frame clausal complement found in the item see paper
voice voice found in the item active, passive
polarity polarity found in the item positive, negative
conditional whether the item was embedded in the antecedent of a conditional (see paper) True, False
veridicality ordinal scale veridicality response no, maybe, yes
acceptability ordinal scale acceptability response 1…7
nativeenglish whether the participant reported speaking American English natively True, False
exclude whether the participant should be excluded based on native language True, False