The MegaAcceptability dataset

The MegaAcceptability dataset

Authors: Ellise Moon and Aaron Steven White


Version: 1.0

Release date: October 26, 2019


The MegaOrientation dataset consists of ordinal acceptability judgments for 898 clause-embedding verbs of English with a variety of nonfinite subordinate clause structures containing a temporal adverb. A detailed description of the dataset is coming soon.

Moon, E. & A.S. White. 2019. The source of nonfinite temporal interpretation. In prep for the Proceedings of the 50th annual meeting of the Northeast Linguistic Society.

If you make use of this dataset in a presentation or publication, we ask that you please cite this paper.

Version history

1.0: first public release,


Column Description Values
list integer identifier for list participant was responding to 0…91
participant anonymous integer identifier for participant that provided the response 0…868
verb clause-embedding verb found in the item see paper
frame clausal complement found in the item NP was _ed to VP[+eventive],NP was _ed to VP[-eventive],NP _ed VPing,NP _ed to VP[-eventive],NP _ed to VP[+eventive]
orientation matrix tense found in the item future, past
sentence sentence that was judged see paper
response ordinal scale acceptability response 1…7
responsert response time for acceptability response 5…2290997