The MegaAcceptability dataset

Authors: Ellise Moon and Aaron Steven White


Version: 1.1

Release date: June 15, 2020


The MegaOrientation dataset consists of ordinal acceptability judgments for 898 clause-embedding verbs of English with a variety of nonfinite subordinate clause structures containing a temporal adverb. See the following paper for a detailed description of the dataset.

Moon, E. & A.S. White. 2020. The source of nonfinite temporal interpretation. To appear in the Proceedings of the 50th annual meeting of the Northeast Linguistic Society.

If you make use of this dataset in a presentation or publication, we ask that you please cite this paper.

Version history

1.0: first public release, 26 October 2019 1.1: filters and reruns lists cotaining sentences that contained incorrectly inflected irregular verbs in v1.0, 15 June 2020


Column Description Values
list integer identifier for list participant was responding to 0…91
participant anonymous integer identifier for participant that provided the response 0…861
verb clause-embedding verb found in the item see paper
frame clausal complement found in the item NP was _ed to VP[+eventive],NP was _ed to VP[-eventive],NP _ed VPing,NP _ed to VP[-eventive],NP _ed to VP[+eventive]
orientation matrix tense found in the item future, past
sentence sentence that was judged see paper
response ordinal scale acceptability response 1…7