MegaIntensionality Norming Study

Authors: Benjamin Kane, William Gantt, and Aaron Steven White


Version: 1.0

Release date: 8 May 2021


This dataset contains the raw participant responses from the norming study described in the following paper:

Kane, Benjamin & W. Gantt & A. S. White. 2021. Intensional gaps: relating veridicality, factivity, doxasticity, bouleticity, and neg-raising. Accepted to Semantics and Linguistic Theory 31.

This study asked participants on Amazon Mechanical Turk to answer questions about what proportion of certain groups of people believe or want certain things. Details of the item construction and the experimental setup can be found in the above paper, and we kindly ask that you cite it if you make use of this data in a presentation or publication.

Version history:

1.0: first public release, 8 May 2021



Column Description Values
participant anonymous integer identifier for participant that provided the response 0…99
listid integer identifier for the list participant was responding to 0…3
verb lemma of the clause-embedding verb for this item see paper
subject the subject of the question/consequent see paper
question the text of the question see paper
consequent the lemma of the consequent verb believe, want
valence the general valence of the content of the embedded clause positive, negative
response the participant’s raw response 0.0…1.0